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 Mazaak Lyrics Translation in English is the latest hindi song. Sung by Anuv Jain and composed by Anuv Jain. Mazaak Song Lyrics is written by Anuv Jain. This song is officially published by Anuv Jain India on their YouTube channel. We are presenting the Lyrics of Mazaak song with translation in English, which is given below. Mazaak Lyrics Meaning in English.

Mazaak Song Credits:

Song Lyrics Title: Mazaak
Singer: Anuv Jain
Music: Anuv Jain
Lyricist: Anuv Jain
Label: Anuv Jain

Mazaak Lyrics Translation in English
Mazaak Lyrics Translation in English

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Mazaak Lyrics Translation in English

Ye Bhi Mazaak Hi To Hai
Saalo Se Sadko Pe
Sambhal Ke Chal Raha Tha

This too is a joke
I was safely walking on the road for many years.

Yun Galo Ke Gaddho Mein Tere
Najane Kyun Mein
Ladkhadake Gur Gaya Hun

Don't know when I fell in the pits of your cheeks,

Muskuraon Aur Aise Haso Mere Bato Pe
Girta Rahu Teri Raaho Mein
Aur Inn Mein Hi Khoo Jaunga

Laugh a lot listening to my words,
I will keep falling in your ways,
And I will get lost in these.

Ye Bhi Mazaak Hi To Hai
Kaise Ye Raaton Ke
Iradho Mein Andhera Tha Yun

This too is a joke,
How it was dark in the intention of the nights,

Adhe Se Chand Si Haasi
Andheri Raaton Mein
Abb Noor Ban Gayi Kyun

Why in the dark nights the glow of the half moon has now become light.

Ae Chand Abb Chandni Banke Rowe Zara
Girte Raho Mere Aas Paas
To Tera Hi Ho Jaaungaa

Let the moon become moonlight and cry,
keep falling to me,
I'll be yours...

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Ho Jaunga Tera Ehsaas Hai
Sansein Jabb Tak Yaha Ho Jaaun Mein Tera

I know I'll be yours,
As long as my breath continues, I will be yours

Ye Na Mera Andaj Hain
Dekho Mein Khud Hass Raha Apni Baton Pe Yaha

This is my style,
I laugh listening to myself

Aise Tum Bhi Haso Meri Baaton Pe
Na Jaane Kya Ho Raha Mujhe
Main Tera Hi Ho Jaaunga
Ho Jaungaa Hoo Hoo

You also laugh listening to my words,
I don't know what is happening
I'll be yours

Ye Bhi Mazaak Hi To Hai
Meri Nakal Hai Ya Asal Mein Gir Rahi Ho
Tum Bhi Hota Nahi Hai Abb Yakeen

This too is a joke
Is it my imitation or am I actually falling,
I don't even believe in you anymore

Kya Ye Mazaak To Nahi Hi Hi..

This too is a joke

Writer: Anuv Jain

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 FAQ (Featuring Answer Question)
1) Who sang the "Mazaak" Song

Ans:- "Mazaak" song is sung by "Anuv Jain".
2) Who Wrote the "Summer High" song?

Ans:- "Mazaak" Song Lyrics are written by "Anuv Jain"
3) Which Music Company has released "Mazaak"?

Ans:- "Mazaak" Song is Released under the Label "Anuv Jain".
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